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The Magic of Guitar Lessons

So you’re thinking about taking guitar lessons? If you decide to do so, then you will be taking your first steps on what will be a beautiful and rewarding journey.

As a beginning guitar player, lessons from the great teacher provide the foundation for your musical journey.

At the intermediate level player, lessons help you "break out of the box", and learn to express yourself more completely with the instrument.

As an advanced guitarist, lessons will help you master the instrument and explore many different styles from what you may be used to.

Regardless of skill level, or how long you have been playing, you can always gain great value out of taking lessons.

Why learn music though?

Learning music, and specifically, learning the guitar will enrich your life in unimaginable ways. It has been proven that learning music, regardless of the instrument, has profoundly positive effects on the brain.

As with learning any art form, learning music will allow you to see the world and yourself in a different way. It is one of the things that makes life worthwhile.

Through the years, as you gain skill, you will be able to share your gift with others and spread happiness and joy to all kinds of people. Music brings people together in amazing and unexpected ways. By choosing to focus your time and energy on learning an instrument, you are doing the world great favor by bringing more beauty into it!

Taking guitar lessons is an incredibly practical decision as well.

During your lessons, you will not only learn the technicalities of playing the instrument, but you will learn about music, as a whole.

At some point in your studies, you'll inevitably learn about music theory. This will show you how all of the instruments are connected and will make it easier for you to learn multiple instruments as well!

By studying the guitar, you will find that you will be able to play the bass, and it will also be much easier to learn any other string instruments, such as the violin, contrabass, sitar, ukulele, banjo, and many others.

Guitar lessons allow you to learn directly from an experienced player and teacher. This interaction with another player helps you to absorb the art directly. In turn, you will be able to play with other musicians more easily, and have a lot more fun with music!

By doing only self-study and practice, you won't be able to learn the “feel” of playing with other musicians. By taking lessons, that skill comes automatically, since you will obviously be playing with your teacher quite a bit!

Do you really need a teacher though? Think about these points...

1. The guitar is a difficult instrument. Make no doubt about it...the guitar is an incredibly complex and nuanced instrument. For instance, on the piano, there is only one place to play each note. Everything is nicely laid out and easy to understand. On the other hand, the guitar is far more complicated. Depending on the specific note, you may be able to find that exact note/tone on three or four places along the guitar neck. There is an unlimited number of patterns and ways to approach them. Taking lessons can help demystify the guitar, and allow you to gain a better understanding of the instrument.

2. By learning from a teacher, you're able to learn from all of his/her mistakes without having to make them yourself. Instead of learning by yourself and developing bad technique, you can bypass all of that and learn proper technique right off the bat. Guitar technique such as finger positions, posture, and how to hold the instrument is more important than you may realize. By learning proper technique from your teacher, you may avoid future injury, especially if you end up playing a lot.

3. A guitar teacher is an inspiration for you that can show you what you can become with years of dedication and hard work. Although they make it seem effortless when they play, skilled guitarists have put in countless hours honing their craft. Guitar teachers can set goals for you and help you see your progress clearly. Instead of stumbling in the dark, you'll have a road map for success on the guitar.

As a guitarist and musician, you are a part of a large community and a tradition.

By playing the guitar, and learning directly from a teacher, you'll be participating in a cherished tradition and culture. You become part of the story of music.

Certain guitar techniques are passed down from player to player, over the years. Inevitably, your guitar teacher has learned a great deal from the players before him/her, and is eager to pass along this knowledge to you, so you can carry the torch.

When meeting up with other musicians at jam sessions, for instance, you can see this culture and tradition in action. You can walk into a jam session without knowing anyone, or even speaking a word to anyone, and by the time you leave, there is a great chance you will have made some life-long friends. Music brings people together in a way that few other things can, especially in a positive light.

You can travel all around the world and, without speaking the language, play music with another musician and become close friends. Music really is the international language.

The great guitar teachers have learned this language, and are skilled at passing it on to you in an understandable and fun way.

Not every great guitar player is a great teacher. In fact, most great players are not good at explaining how they do what they do. Finding a great teacher that can show you the way, and that has a knack for explaining these difficult concepts will do wonders for you in your musical education.

Our office location is: Guitar Lessons of Las Vegas, LLC, 2820 E Flamingo Rd #82, Las Vegas, NV, 89121 (702) 213-9238
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If you are considering taking guitar lessons, you can rest assured in knowing that it will enrich your life in ways that you may not understand now. At any skill level, there is always room to progress, and there will always be more doors to open.

Take the plunge and start guitar lessons today.